Official Candidates for Audit Committee

Official Candidates for Audit Committee and their Platforms.

Official Candidates for Audit Committee

Gloria Berdin

  • Support mission & vision of the cooperative.
  • Conduct periodic audit on major accounts.
  • Support projects for the benefit of the coop members.
  • Enhancement of coop policy administration procedure.

Lady Macbeth B. Legara
  • Improve Audit scheme.
  • Support current Goal and Objectives.
  • Help assess existing benefits of the members.

Diego Naces
  • Quick and Efficient service to members.
  • Uphold the goal and objectives of coop.
  • Be considerate to members needs.

Ma. Fe Rubica
  • Strengthen Internal Controls.
  • Ensure compliance of Internal controls, regulations & policies.
  • Achieve Zero discrepancy (External Audit)

Ireen Regodon
  • Examine and evaluate Financial & information system, recommending controls to ensure system reliability and data integrity.
  • Prepared detailed reports on audit findings.
  • Enhance Coop business undertakings for more coop income.
  • Support Coop Project/ Livelihood that uplift the quality of life members programs.

Melinda V. Yba├▒ez
  • As the Fairchild Quality System Internal Auditor,I can make use of my auditing knowledge to conduct a thorough and comprehensive audits to FCCMPC coop to ensure that policies and standards are effectively implemented for the benefits of all the FCCMPC Cooperative members.
  • Thorough review of FCCMPC cooperative policies to make our cooperative more progressive for the good of all FCCMPC members.
  • Support the FCCMPC management's strategic plan to attain Billion assest, so the cooperative members will  have more benefits.

Quirino Ygot
  • Ensure proper examination and assessment of financial records of the FCCMPC.
  • Highlight any audit discrepancies to the audit committee.
  • Enforce proper audit procedure to ensure that the interests of the coop members are well served.
  • Assess and help to maintain credibility of financial records of the coop by regular audit of such.