Official Candidates for Board of Directors

Official Candidates for Board of Directors and their Platforms.


Official Candidates for Board of Directors

Michelle Lyn Alaba


  • New Business opportunities for the coop members.
  • Drive towards consistent return to members.
  • Provide Coop Members Educational Awareness.

Gefre Guy Buyco
  • Support 2017 FCCMPC Goal to become a Billionaire Coop in 2017.
  • Support Passive income initiatives by FCCMPC to increase dividend and patronage.
  • Continue to improve services to members through online query on saving and loans by way of enhancing FCCMPC WEBSITE.

Richard E. Esmas
  • Continue robust Financial Performance.
  • Organized system and policies.
  • Conduct of continuous learning opportunities for coop members.

Maria Cristina Estacio
  • Continue to work with the BOD / Officers for asset growth and sustainable Financial returns for members.
  • Drive the top# priorities for Fairchild Coop for 2015.

 Godofredo Gequillo
  • Continue support and cooperate in business and development programs agenda as one FCCMPC.
  • To encourage and promote product portfolio to each cooperative members in providing optimum social and economic benefits.
  • Provide training and orientation to all FCCMPC members to propagate cooperative practices and new ideas in business and management.

 Marvin Rosalejos Gestole
  • Continue & Improve the growth of the cooperative.
  • Strengthens more the Education/Training of the cooperative.
  • Align/Realized the Coop Revenue Targets.

Noel P. Nuñez
  • Drive towards consistent returns to members on high dividend rate.
  • Support current Goals and Objectives.
  • Provide Coop members Educational Awareness on effective Financial Management.
  • Promote Coop Transparency.

Analisa Pono
  • Operational Excellence(ie: Full Automation of Coop System)
  • Broader Business portfolio(ie: Options for more passive income for the coop)
Sixto L. Wahing
  • Continue the advocacy in improving the mortuary benefits.
  • Continue to impart and share the leanings of Financial Management to members through small group sessions.
  • Support the drive to recruit more members from FSC and other institutions.
  • Continue our advocacy to have our homeless members acquire a low cost housing thru loans.